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Nubile Films – Caress Me featuring Karina Grand

Added on: 03/11/2015

Karina Grand isn’t shy about getting bare and lounging down on a mattress on the floor so that Denis Reed can entice her suntanned body with a sensual rubdown. In turn, Denis isn’t timid about diving in to Karina’s delicious g-spot to let the towheaded know exactly what he wants from this encounter!

Eager as always, Karina makes use of plenty of lotion to lubricant up Denis’s swelling. Using her arms and even her clean-shaven honeypot to opened up the lotion, the platinum-blonde swiftly drives her lover naughty with excitement all while eyeing her limber bod in action in the mirror.

When her first orgasm ripples through her taut framework, Karina anxiously slides up so that her labia is now placed cosily over Denis’s throat. He knows just what to do, tonguing and gargling on Karina’s dribbling folds until her screams of rapture represent another extract.

Her figure still zizzing with gusto, Karina eventually presses down onto her lover’s cock to pack herself up the way she hankers. She kicks off a stiffie ride that starts out with slow measured pushes but soon gets horny and nasty the longer her humping lasts until she’s going total tilt to get her twat slammed.

Wanting to deliver the best vulva screwing he can, Denis changes spots with Karina and urges her to opened up her legs for total access to her labia. Once he glides in, he fastly sets a pile-driver rhythm that only gets swifter when he gets his damsel up on her knees for some doggy fashion fun.

Denis is nearing the end of his stamina, so as Karina buries to the ground with her bellows of delight packing the room he comes riskily close to losing control. It only takes Karina a few moments of work with her hands and mouth to bring her boy to his ultimate sheer pleasure as he squirts his explosion all over her waiting face and mouth.

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