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Nubile Films – Spunk Smooches featuring Kylie Kalvetti, Adriana Chechik

Added on: 05/22/2015

Adriana Chechik waits outside the door for Kylie Kalvetti and then surprises her paramour with a scarf that she uses to lead Kylie down the stairs. Once Adriana has positioned Kylie exactly where she wants her, she pulls her girl’s panty down and drowns her face in her creamy vagina within just a few moments.

Soon Adriana has gotten Kylie nude and brought her all the way into the bedroom where Ryan Driller is sleeping. Once Adriana stops pulling her, Kylie quickly removes her girl’s hooter-sling and undies, too, leaving both women nude and ready to play.

Crawling onto the bed, Adriana and Kylie get Bruce’s briefs off so that they can released his jizz-shotgun for a succulent dual deep throat. The girls take their time eating and deep-throating to their heart’s content, and they even start getting creative with their positioning so that both Kylie can sit on Ryan’s face to get her vulva gobbled while she slurps Adriana’s screw hole.

Eventually Adriana gets weary of sucking schlong, so she drowns down on Ryan’s penetrate stick instead. Her shaven pussy pulses with enjoyment as she rails with thrusting thighs and bouncing hooters. Kylie gets in on Adriana’s fun, reaching around to knead her lover’s nub while Ryan continues to celebrate on her dripping cootchie.

When Adriana is still recovering from her first orgasm, Kylie gets a turn to rail Ryan’s salami. She sets off at a breakneck rhythm, going rock hard and prompt for a frantic g-spot plumbing . Adriana waits a few moments before taking Kylie’s place with her vagina confined above Ryan’s throat, but soon the three way is back in utter strength.

Next Adriana crawls on top of Kylie so that the damsels can make out while presenting Ryan with an irresistible fuckbox stack. Ryan gets his choice of taut pound holes, and he alternates between them until neither Adriana nor Kylie can contain their yells of passion. When Ryan chooses to focus just on Kylie’s chisel hungry pussy, Adriana postures herself so that Kylie can slurp her juice colored vulva out.

Moments after Kylie has achieved another figure throbbing climax, Ryan reaches the end of his endurance. Unleashing, he pumps out his fountain on Kylie’s tummy. Adriana can’t wait to slurp the salty enjoy off of her lover’s belly so that she can give Kylie a long kiss as they snowball the delicious handle that finishes their sex.

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