Nubile Films – Steamy Grease Massage added to Nubile Films

Nubile Films – Steamy Lubricant Rubdown featuring Luna Ora

Added on: 06/19/2015

Denis Reed has offered to give Luna Ora a massage, a proposition to which she has graciously agreed. Ripping off her robe, she climbs onto the rubdown table downright naked and likes the feel of the grease and Denis’s forearms gliding all over her back, hips, bottom, and fuckbox. When she turns over on her back, she receives the same approach on her belly before pushing his forearms lower so that he is caressing her sleek bald cunt.

Substituting his forearms with his mouth, Denis kneels and sets to work gobbling Luna out while the fair-skinned Italian enjoys every moment of his attention. When Denis rises and smooches Luna deeply so that she can taste herself on his tongue, the raven-haired cutie is inspired to new levels of fervor. She whips out Denis’s man meat and then lays him down on the table so that she can produce a rubdown of her own.

After she pours some rubdown lube into her palms, Luna heads right for the jummy spot of Denis’s man-meat. Soon she is using both hands to decorate every inch of her lover’s dick and nut in the slick substance, making it adorable and rock-hard and ripe for an enthusiastic bj.

Denis enjoys his knob throating, but he can’t keep his mouth off of Luna for too long. Swapping places with her, he pounds her sweet slit with his hard tongue until she is writhing with excitement. Only then does he replace his tongue with his bang stick, putting it in ideal stance for Luna to impatiently pump her thighs to set her own vulva fucking rhythm.

Flipping Luna onto her back, Denis lifts his lady’s legs and then catapults into her pecker hungry fuckbox with long rock-hard strokes that soon have Luna gagging and wailing as her entire bod shivers with orgasmic pull out. Denis can’t hold it in any longer as he feels Luna’s cooter walls pulsing around him; releasing of her molten cootchie at the last moment he takes aim and coats her belly with his cum to brand her as his paramour forever.

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