Nubile Films – I Kissed A Doll added to Nubile Films

Nubile Films – I Kissed A Chick featuring Presley Hart, Megan Rain

Added on: 03/06/2015

Girlfriends Megan Rain and Presley Hart are enjoying a flirty afternoon on the bed when the mood strikes and things get sensual. Within moments they are smooching each other so intensively that there’s no thought of turning back from the zeal that they share.

Hoisting Presley’s T-shirt up, Megan presses her tongue to the remarkable pair of boobies that she finds beneath. She’s in the process of pulling Presley’s skirt off when Presley makes it clear that she’s not willing to be undressed without participating, too! Megan’s dress is soon but a memory, as are the rest of Presley’s clothes so that both chicks are bare and antsy to satisfy.

Megan gets her opportunity highly first as Presley lays back against the bed with her gams stretch. The raven haired coed isn’t bashful about pawing her flat arm over Presley’s tender sensation button, and moments later she presses two fingers deep into her lover’s clean-shaven plumb crevice while Presley takes over the clitoral stimulation. Together, the ladies bring Presley to a prompt orgasm that gets her thighs shoving in time to the pulsing in her labia.

Megan isn’t fairly willing to surrender on bringing her paramour to another climax quite yet, but Presley wants a turn, too! The ladies solve their problem by settling into a delightful Sixty-nine with Megan on top, leaving both of them free to have their way with each other’s creamy snatches using their fingers and steamy raw throats.

Then it’s Megan’s turn to receive all of the attention, and Presley holds nothing at all back. With sure movements she pulls Megan’s thighs up so that her entire figure is hoisted off the bed and she dives in to her lover’s bald slit with absolute passion. When she needs a break, she shoves Megan’s knees back until they are even with her head, leaving her cootchie wide open for a rigid massage with Presley’s magic fingers until Megan’s world erupts with sheer pleasure.

These 2 nail bunnies aren’t done quite yet! Presley is only too happy to position her white-hot puss in front of Megan’s gifted mouth for a jewel slurping that gets her hips rolling in a sensual rhythm. Now that she’s once again warmed up and ready to go, she lays down facing Megan so that the girls can love some mutual getting off until they both once again express their final climactic fun with noisy moans of blessing.

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