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Nubile Films – Fresh Heights featuring Scarlet Red, Alexis Adams

Added on: 05/28/2015

Alexis Adams and Scarlet Crimson are already in bed making out and flirting when they are joined by Van Wylde whose only desire is to make both of these lovely ladies cum. He embarks his quest for their sheer pleasure by drowning his face in Scarlet’s landing unwrap cunny while his hand wanders to Alexis’s cooter to investigate her sensitive folds. When Van changes things up to concentrate exclusively on Alexis, the brunette reaches out to make sure that Scarlet is getting some enjoying, too.

Next it’s time for the ladies to have a little bit of oral joy! Gliding down from their standing positions so that they can lie down on the bed beside Van, they use their impatient mouths and hands to peel off his trunks before they set to work. Scarlet is the highly first to take Van’s manhood in her mouth, but the girls are happy to share so that they can each deep-throat schlong and gobble pouch to their heart’s content.

Using the curtains to help give her more raise, Scarlet climbs on top of Van and glides down on his member for a switch sides cowgirl rail that practically defies gravity. Alexis is content to grope Van’s knob and ball-sac inbetween Scarlet’s bounces, making sure that her 2 partners have a beautiful time. When the chicks exchange places, Scarlet gives her paramours the same attention as Alexis loves her juggling stiffie ride.

Next the girls get up on their hands and knees beside each other to present Van with his choice of pussies to penetrate doggy style. When he dives in to Scarlet’s vulva highly first, Alexis works to grope her friend’s breasts and hold her stable for the duration of the rigid beaver nailing until Scarlet is wailing her rapture. Then it’s Alexis’s turn, and she eagerly takes Van’s hard dude sausage deep in her cum thirsty ravage slot so that he can bring her the same orgasmic elation that he just gave her friend.

While Alexis is getting her fill of ravaging, Scarlet realizes that she still isn’t quite satisfied. That’s okay, because Alexis is always glad to eat her paramour out and Scarlet can use the curtains to put her labia in ideal munching pose so that they can both recapture the pulsating rapture.

After giving Scarlet one final bang in her juices colored slit, Van is ultimately out of stamina. Extracting, he explodes all over Scarlet’s delicate mound while Alexis leans over to lap up his guy juice and enjoy the salty end to their tough threesome.

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