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Nubile Films – Provocative featuring Mindy

Added on: 03/05/2015

Puny sweetheart Mindy lays bare in the sauna loving the warmth that seeps into her skin, but when she spies Jason X cleaning up in the bathroom the raven-haired seductress determines that she wants something even sexier than the super hot room. Gripping her towel, Mindy steps out of the sauna and continues with her plan to get exactly what she wants.

Pulling down to her knees in front of her paramour, Mindy pulls Jason’s hard-on from his briefs and smiles as his dick springs free for her sensation. She can’t wait another moment to take Jason’s dick in her throat and deep-throat him in until she is sucking his long fuck-stick like a champion.

The couple relocates to the living room where Jason bends against a convenient Jacuzzi and then pulls Mindy back until she is downright punctured on his erection. With Mindy’s back to him Jason can easily reach around to caress her utter melons while Mindy likes pushing her hips in an erotic slow pace. Even when she turns around to latch her throat onto Jason’s, she still maintains that slow constant rhythm that they are both deeply loving.

Gradually Jason starts to take control of the sex session. At first it’s the shove of his stiffy while Mindy is still pumping her thighs, but soon he changes places with Mindy so that he can press her against the verge of the Jacuzzi and knead her mushy clittie while continuing the mild lovemaking that Mindy started.

By the time Mindy ends up on her back on the brink of the Jacuzzi with Jason’s jizz-shotgun sunk deep in her bang crevice, things are kicking off to get more out of control. Jason’s strokes are longer and deeper, submerging balls-deep into the warmth of Mindy’s vagina even as he picks up the rhythm for their gusto. The tougher he gets, the louder Mindy’s wails get until her entire assets is thrumming with ecstasy.

Knowing that her lover is getting close, Mindy gets down on her knees and pumps him with her palms while working the head of his salami with her magical mouth. Her efforts are soon rewarded by a mouth full of spunk that dribbles down her chin and onto her enormous tits.

The insane babe finds that she’s still too turned on to stop, so she pulls Jason over to the couch to get his help with one last climax. Inbetween her fingers on her fun button and Jason’s killer vulva fingering, Mindy promptly reaches the final extract that she craves so that she can end her sexual romp with a meaty smile.

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