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Mar Eighteen, 2015


Beautiful coed Natasha White is bored and lonely as she waits for Aaron Wilcoxxx to comeback home. It’s only after she decides to take matters into her own capable arms that Aaron arrives, just in time for a beautiful fine time. Natasha sets the mood by taking Aaron’s manhood in her throat, tonguing and deep-throating until he’s hard as a rock.

Aaron is only too impatient to press Natasha down onto her back and open up her gams so that he can pack and bang her landing de-robe slit. Longing deeper invasion, Natasha spins onto her belly and then rises up on all fours for a doggy fashion coupling that leaves her shrieking her passion.

Wishing for utter control to end the hookup, Natasha climbs on top of Aaron’s stiffie for a nasty rail that gets her off one last time. Then it’s time for Aaron to get his reward for his part in her sensation, so the brown-haired coed cheerfully takes him in her throat all over again and doesn’t stop deep throating until he covers her face in his jizz!

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